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Your Content Matters to Us

There is a tested and proven way to spread stories, shape the public’s views and win more coverage for your content.

At Vertical News Network, we believe by penetrating your content into different verticals you can penetrate your targeted market.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.
Every business has different audiences. Every reader has different interests.
We can help you meet and connect with audiences who care.

Creating Volume For
Your Business.

Engage and connect with audiences from (number of) countries around the globe.

Expand your reach and get global exposure media platforms and audiences across six verticals.

Build a solid online presence by getting your stories shared on more than 190 authoritative sites.

Why We Are The Right Choice For You

We understand that many of our competitors claim they can drive your reach. Fact is, it’s almost impossible to appeal to everyone, the key is to reach your niche, and we’re here to help you with that.

Take Control of Where Your Message Reach

All publicity is never taken equal, at least not by Google. Appearing where you are most relevant can help Google to better understand your business and where you fit.

Stand Out From a Wide Range of Businesses

Competition is stiff when all businesses are thrown into one category. Niche targeting is what you need to reduce your competition and make you stand out in front of the right audiences.

Build a Loyal Relationship with Your Audiences

Let’s face it, audiences already know what kind of content they want to consume. It would be easier and more cost efficient to extend your content to them instead of the other way round, by placing your content right in front of them.

Connect to Both Targeted and Broad Audiences

Dramatically increase your chances by sending your content to both extensive and targeted audiences who are already searching for them.

Getting in front of the right people is always more important than getting in front of a lot of people.

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